I am an introvert. I do not hate people; I actually love them. But, I get drained being around people. I have been told that I have a big heart and I tend to love too much and I usually get broken because of this. I am chronically depressed; but I live everyday hiding that part of me and forcing myself to seem normal. I hate making people worry about me. I do smile and laugh once in a while but then get exhausted after; I guess it is safe to say that my brain is a bit mentally ill.

I write because it makes me feel free. I write because it is when I am loudest. I write to calm the never ending screaming thoughts. I write to live, to feel awake. I write to hold back stress, memories from years back, to suppress feelings and affections.

I write to feel normal.

I am 22 years of age. I am still figuring what to do with the rest of my life and in love with death; my own death to be specific. I love many things but quickly lose interest in them be it music, reading or creating….



Jonathan Shekinah Mpulubusi

live | love | learn